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Rolling with excellence Anti-friction bearings are the core business of H B C Bearings. We supply world-class ball and roller bearings manufactured with chrome or stainless steel in ISO 9002/QS 9000 Certified factories.

H B C Bearings is a supplier of EMQ bearings manufactured in China. Our bearings are used extensively in agriculture, air-conditioner, appliance, automotive, conveyor, electric motor, elevator, hand tool, lawn & garden, power transmission, pulley, pump, and wheel applications to name a few.

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H B C Bearings maintains corporate offices in Laguna Hills California with satellite offices in both Geneva, IL and Beijing, China. Our bearing and mechanical engineers in China ensures our manufacturing facilities adhere to our "tough" quality standards - consistently. Every factory is certified ISO 9002/QS 9000.

H B C Bearings support staff is trained to focus on customer needs. They fully utilize our resources, facilities and technologies to ensure Total Customer Satisfaction!

Our distribution centers in California and Illinois guarantees JIT deliveries. Shipments from the United States or China enables us to ship our products, on a timely basis, any place in the world. Total Customer Satisfaction!