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H B C Bearings - Lubrication

The purpose of bearing lubrication is to prevent direct metallic contact between the rolling elements and sliding elements. This is accomplished through the formation of a thin oil (or grease) film on the contact surfaces. Lubrication has the following functions:

• Reduce wear and friction

• Dissipate heat

• Prolong bearing life

• Prevent rust and corrosion

• Help excludes foreign matter

Bearings are lubricated either by grease or oil. In general, oil offers superior lubrication. However, grease lubrication allows a simpler structure. When lubricating with grease, permissible operating speed is reduced by approximately one-third.

Lubricating greases are composed of either a mineral oil or synthetic oil base. A thickener and other additives are added. The properties for all greases are mainly determined by the kind of base oil used and combination of thickening agent with other additives.

In special applications, a solid lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide or graphite may be used.

Most commonly used greases in H B C Bearings: